Terra-Planning, LLC is a women owned planning consulting firm located in Santa Fe, NM, providing the highest quality

 cost effective planning strategies and solutions. Terra-Planning offers consulting services focused on innovative solutions

 for community and regional planning, including water planning, land use development, transportation planning,

 economic development and natural resource  and environmental issues. Terra-Planning offers a broad knowledge base of

 Western water issues and challenges, natural resource and environmental laws. From personal property and associated

 water rights to large scale developments, regional transportation planning and drafting city ordinances, Terra-Planning is

 here to help.

 The Terra-Planning Team has 40 years of combined experience in regional and community planning, and complex analysis

 of technical data for natural resource management and development.  In addition, the Terra-Planning team ​is versed in a wide

 range of regulatory requirements and standards including NM Surface and Ground Water Quality standards, various land

 use regulations and NEPA requirements.

PO BOX 6242 
​SANTA FE, NM 87502

Terra-Planning's mission is to provide the highest quality planning services; 

guiding processes for informed, comprehensive and balanced solutions.